What We Do

What We Do


Ascienta is a different kind of investment bank. We extend horizons for innovative companies in technology, energy and finance, developing ground-breaking solutions for companies with the potential to become market leaders.

Like our clients, we’re not beholden to traditional thinking. Traditional investment banks focus on transactions. But transactions don’t create value; they are a reflection of it. It’s why traditional capital raising leaves much to be desired. Ascienta offers a fresh approach. We are a true value-creation partner, providing the counsel, capital and strategic expertise which, when combined, can make a critical difference. And we’re in it for the long-haul. Having scaled a business via simultaneous entry into selected worldwide markets, we seek to leverage our clients’ proprietary technology over a number of years, delivering more powerful results.

Our experience enables us to identify how to disrupt market norms and reshape our clients’ margins and returns. Our approach creates secure revenue streams and a clearly differentiated competitive advantage in the marketplace. And if we don’t think we can create value for a particular company, we’re not afraid to say so.

While our clients focus on innovating, we look to a wider perspective and seek deeper insights, as well as initiating key strategic connections necessary so that our client’s innovations can achieve their true market potential.

Value creation leveraging innovation is our mission.

Distinctly differentiated; systematically scaled; competently capitalised and financially communicated — these are the elements that shape, characterise and redefine what’s possible for our clients.

Ascienta Energy Solutions

Ascienta Energy Solutions (AES) is a special purpose entity, founded on four premises;

  • Build a superior understanding of energy markets and the network of players operating in these increasingly complex markets and the real-world challenges they face
  • Create a deep knowledge of the vital technology constituents of a digital grid that enable stability, efficiency and lower operating costs, leading to lower energy prices impacting Australia’s competitiveness.
  • Recognise the need for a unifying technology backbone of intelligent energy infrastructure, that is capable and reliable, can address the scope of known and emerging issues with confidence and operational efficiency, and can measure and control load, critical in grid level integration of renewable energy and storage, to reduce volatility, increase efficiency and maintain reliability.
  • Explore, evaluate, contribute to and deploy best of breed Internet of energy technologies and data communication globally, that will make a differentiating contribution to the ease and speed of digitisation and automated optimisation of the Australian energy grid and focussed on a single industry vertical; the rapidly transforming global energy market.